Why good acoustics in your workplace are indispensable

The ingredients for a great workplace: laptop, desk, office chair and a blazingly fast Wi-Fi connection. That's all you need, many employers think. However, the most important prerequisite for a successful working day is something else. Good acoustics. An environment and the accompanying sounds make or break your day. What exactly is that and how do you improve acoustics easily?

Crowded office space

Offices with small enclosed workspaces are increasingly rare. We no longer buffalo independently, but sit with the whole team in a spacious office garden. People walk past desks, have online meetings and consult with each other. We also work from home more often. At the kitchen table while your partner works opposite you, or in a self-created home office with neighbouring children playing in the background.

5 x the effect of poor acoustics

That chatter and chatter is part of it, but it can have a lot of impact. This is because in a room with poor acoustics, everything comes in much louder. This can have various effects.

● You feel tired faster because concentrating takes extra effort
● You are constantly distracted by ambient sounds or movements in your field of vision
● Your productivity plunges as you are constantly taken out of concentration
● You are sick more often due to more stress and higher blood pressure
● You make mistakes faster because you are constantly distracted

Good acoustics in your workplace quickly and easily

No matter how much ringing, chattering and tapping goes on: your space ultimately determines how much it bothers your employees. For instance, some materials reflect sound, while others absorb it. You get the idea: this is how you can create that quiet workspace yourself. At the office, but also at home. For example, work with a desk divider or install acoustic desk screens.

Place a partition at your desk

With a loose partition at your desk, you can easily create more peace and privacy. That is, if you choose an acoustic variant. A loose acoustic screen not only creates a separate workspace, but also absorbs ambient noise. So you are just a little bit less bothered by the din in the rest of the office.

Also handy: a loose desk divider like this can also be used as a room divider. Put a few partitions next to each other and a separate room is created where you can work in peace.

Find acoustic panels for your space

Also improve your acoustics with a room divider at your desk? We have collected the most beautiful ones for you. We have classic room dividers with acoustic effect, but also screens in the shape of a planter. Find your desk divider.

Choose acoustic desk screens in the office

A smaller and at least as effective solution? Acoustic desk screens in the office. With such a screen around your desk, you can easily create a quiet workplace where you can bang on in seclusion. Phone calls and other noises disappear, while you yourself can be better heard during a video meeting.

The nice thing about an acoustic wall around your desk is that it does not take up any space and is easy to move around. Thus, with a folding desk screen, you can even transform a dining table into a temporary workplace.

Find acoustic desk screens for every (home) office

Do you like the idea of an acoustic desk screen? We have them in endless colours and sizes. More permanent, or foldable in seconds. Find the desk screen for your workplace.