Why good acoustics in your workplace are indispensable

The ingredients for a great workplace: laptop, desk, office chair and a blazingly fast Wi-Fi connection. That's all you need, many employers think. However, the most important prerequisite for a successful working day is

How can you improve acoustics? 4 practical tips

Your living room, office or restaurant looks dazzling, but as soon as you talk you end up with a whirlwind of echoes. The acoustics are terrible! Having a conversation is impossible,

Silent calling in the office? Here are your options

Did you know that calling people automatically talk louder? In an office garden full of concentrated people, that's asking for trouble. We zoom in on productivity within the office garden and share

About acoustics labels & our formula

Acoustics control aims to regulate sound reflections within a room. To improve acoustics, a product with absorptive power will need to be installed in the room in question. But how do you choose which product? We'll help you on your way with our acoustics labels.