Fuss-free fine acoustics with a sound measurement via WhatsApp

2 minutes

Acoustics are all-important for the space you live or work in. Can you hold a conversation in peace? Are you easily distracted by reverberations? At the end of the day, are you completely exhausted from the stimuli? Poor acoustics have a major impact on your energy levels, stress levels and even productivity. Fortunately, the solution is simple and quick. Read on quickly.

The quickest solution to poor acoustics

With the right adjustments in your interior, reverberation and echo quickly disappear. But what should you choose? The internet is bursting with solutions that all seem different. With an online sound measurement, you will quickly know which acoustic products suit your personal situation and taste. You carry out the measurement very easily remotely with your phone.

Benefits of sound measurement via WhatsApp 

  • Always at your convenience
  • No pushy salesman at your door
  • No travelling time to a specialist shop
  • You are not stuck with anything

This is how a sound measurement via WhatsApp works

You simply do your sound measurement yourself, at a time that suits you. In a nutshell, you go through the steps below.

  • Add Acoustics Label on WhatsApp
  • Provide a quiet space
  • Open a conversation with Acoustics Label and start sound recording
  • Clap your hands hard once and let the sound die out for 5 seconds
  • Send the recording, along with room dimensions and a photo

Get free advice in your mailbox

After you send the recording, our acoustic experts get to work. Among other things, they look at the reverberation time; this is the time it takes for sound to die out. They also take into account the materials in the room. For example, is there a lot of glass? A mirrored floor? Or do you have carpet and lots of plants?

The report will tell you how many square metres of absorption material are needed to improve the acoustics in your room. We also make suggestions for products based on your interior requirements. For example, do you want something fixed to the wall or do you prefer a solution that is not visible? We always find a solution that is both beautiful and effective. What you ultimately do with it is entirely up to you.

Choose good acoustics with a free sound measurement

Wondering how the acoustics in your room can be improved? A sound measurement takes less than 5 minutes and is completely non-binding