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You can find a suitable acoustics solution in just two simple steps. Select your room and the type of product you are looking for and discover your solution. Prefer more extensive advice? We will be happy to help you on your way. Choose a sound measurement or contact us.

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Easier to choose
thanks to acoustic labels

When is an acoustic solution right for your space? That depends on many different factors. Our different acoustics labels will help you make an easy choice.

this is how we assess acoustics solutions
  1. Absorption value
  2. Surface area
  3. Sustainability
  4. Price/quality

Give ear to acoustics solutions

Reverberations. Ringing phones. Street noises. Noise has a huge impact. It costs energy, pulls you out of your concentration or disturbs your peaceful home. With acoustics control, you keep noise in check. Sound-absorbing products soak up unnecessary sounds, leaving only essential sounds.

Such a product could be a simple call box, or a surprising solution such as an acoustic lamp or a sound-absorbing chair.

It will give you a lot


A short reverberation time and low background noise are the ingredients for good intelligibility.


Noise drains the battery, but sufficient rest provides an energy boost. Plenty of room for new ideas and insights


Peace and quiet in the tent means more concentration for many people. Your productivity skyrockets!

Rest & comfort

A calm base makes for less stress and more fun. The basis for living, learning or working comfortably

Good sounds

These happy clients can breathe a sigh of relief. They are experiencing the peace they were looking for. That could be through complete silence, or simply less background noise. Curious about their experience?

Saidjah Parisius

We ran into a problem within our office. The sound was reverberating and we could not do separate meets without disturbing other colleagues.
Acoustic Label gave us very good advice on this. We then purchased various acoustic solutions that we are very happy with!

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Acoustic enhancement for Public Spaces

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