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Acoustics Label

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Good acoustics.
Just what is that?

Good acoustics are hugely important- for example, for concentrated work. Acoustic control aims to reduce sound reflections within a room. To improve acoustics, a sound-absorbing product is installed in a room. The sound then disappears into the material.

To assess an acoustic product, it receives our acoustics label. In this way, we make the quality immediately clear. After all, a product with a lower absorption value is not necessarily an unsuitable product. Some products simply need more to achieve the same result.

It will give you a lot


A short reverberation time and low background noise are the ingredients for good intelligibility.


Noise drains the battery, but sufficient rest provides an energy boost. Plenty of room for new ideas and insights


Peace and quiet in the tent means more concentration for many people. Your productivity skyrockets!

Rest & comfort

A calm base makes for less stress and more fun. The basis for living, learning or working comfortably

Meklikjer Living Room
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Easier to choose
with our acoustics labels

When is an acoustic solution right for your space? That depends on many different factors. Our different acoustics labels will help you make an easy choice.

Our 4 criteria
  1. Absorption value
  2. Surface area
  3. Sustainability
  4. Price/quality