About acoustics labels & our formula

How does a product get an acoustics label? In this blog, we tell you all about it!

Acoustics control aims to regulate sound reflections within a room. To improve acoustics, a product with absorptive power will need to be installed in the room in question. But how do you choose which product? We'll help you on your way with our acoustics labels.

We judge on four categories that add up. This is the formula:

Absorption value + acoustic surface + durability + value for money

From this formula rolls a score to which a label is attached. In this way, we make it very clear what the quality is. After all, a product with a lower absorption value is not necessarily an unsuitable product. Other products sometimes simply need more to achieve the same result.


 Absorption value

The degree of absorption is measured in a special test room. This measurement then produces a value, represented in a graph, which we call the absorption value. This value runs from A to E. Usually this graph is tucked away somewhere in the small print.

- Products rated A or B have three points in the Absorption Value category.
- Products with a low B, C or high D get 2 points
- Naturally, products with a value of D or E only get 1 point.


Acoustic Surface

Acoustic products in operation, in addition to their absorption value, can also be judged by the acoustic surface area they have. The larger the surface area is, the more sound reflections they can absorb. As this is as essential as the absorption value, we assess it in a separate category.

- Products with absorption values of C or D get 3 points with an extra large surface area

- Wall panels or ceiling panels fixed directly to the ceiling only have absorption power on one side. Partition walls, floating panels and lighting therefore have a large acoustic surface area.

- Some products have only a very thin layer of absorbent material. This is reflected in the points received.



A green production process, materials that can be recycled, replaceable parts and the lifespan of a product; hugely important. That is why we like to reward truly green products with 3 points.


Value for money

The above categories naturally contribute to the value for money, but product finish, practicality and optional choices such as fabrics, colours, fixings and a host of other options also earn points.

You control the silence yourself

With the right acoustic solutions, you influence your space yourself. This turns a noisy office into a serene workplace. Now choose acoustic products easily with the help of Acoustic Label