How can you improve acoustics? 4 practical tips

Your living room, office or restaurant looks dazzling, but as soon as you talk you end up with a whirlwind of echoes. The acoustics are terrible! Having a conversation is impossible, stress levels shoot up and concentrating becomes difficult. Fortunately, improving acoustics is not that complicated. With these practical tips, you can create peace in your space in no time.

This is how acoustics works

Some rooms reverberate more than others. For instance, your voice will reverberate in all directions in a bathroom, whereas in a carpeted bedroom it will not. How sounds sound depends mainly on the size of the room and the materials used. Hard materials reflect sound, while soft materials absorb it. With this information alone, you can easily improve acoustics.

Tip 1: split the space

In a large room, echo is more likely to occur. So split up your room and create different corners. This will break up the sound and improve the acoustics. How to do it easily? Put up a room divider, create a partition with a large cupboard or opt for acoustic partitions.

Tip 2: use soft materials

While hard, smooth materials reflect sound, soft materials absorb it. So make sure you use them sufficiently in your interiors. How to do this?

● Lay down a large rug
● Opt for fabric furniture
● Hang long curtains
● Put up large plants
● Hang a tapestry on the wall

Tip 3: work from the inside out

What do we mean by that? Before you start soundproofing, see what you can change about your interior. Noise from children playing, city sounds or noises from your neighbours will come in much less loudly if you address the acoustics inside.

Tip 4: Use smart acoustics solutions

Another effective solution to improve acoustics are special acoustic products. Disguised as a painting, planter, folding screen or even chair, they greatly improve the acoustics in your room. Below you can see some of the acoustic solutions available.

Acoustic panels have the most artistic shapes and are useful in rooms with little furniture
● Acoustic planters
Acoustic lighting
Acoustic furniture absorb sound without standing out as an acoustic solution
Acoustic desk screens provide a quiet workplace where you can make undisturbed calls without echoes

Need advice on acoustics?

There are plenty of ways to improve your acoustics. But which acoustic solution works best? In such a huge range of eye-opening solutions, acoustics advice is more than welcome.

We will be happy to help you find the right acoustics solution for your home, business space or restaurant. Make a sound recording for free acoustics advice Or opt for a professional sound measurement at your location.