Silent calling in the office? Here are your options

Did you know that calling people automatically talk louder? In an office garden full of concentrated people, that's asking for trouble. We zoom in on productivity within the office garden and share simple solutions for greater concentration. Without rebuilding!

The office garden as stimulus paradise

Or rather: stimulus hell. An open-plan office refers to an open space where a large group of colleagues work. An open-plan office provides flexible workplaces, promotes communication within a team and can be incredibly inspiring. Yet not everyone experiences it this way. For instance, 90% of Dutch company doctors say that employees cite the open-plan office as one of the causes of sick leave (De Monitor). Employees suffer from noise (93%), lose concentration (94%) and are distracted by colleagues walking around.

A mandatory call box in the office?

There were noises pointing to the introduction of a minimum number of silence workplaces per employee, but nothing has been done so far. As an employer, though, you can take matters into your own hands and organise a silence area. In the form of an acoustic call box, soundproof phone box or secluded workspace, for example.

Why do we titter so loudly anyway?

Why do two smooching colleagues barely bother you, but a phone call or meeting is so distracting? There are two reasons for this.

● You can't hear yourself as well when you use a mobile phone, which makes you talk louder
● You automatically adjust your voice volume to the sound in your environment, which is called the Lombard effect
● You not only talk louder in noisy environments, but also higher and with longer sounds

Logically, then, office phone calls are a source of distraction.

Hassle-free office calls

In this hybrid age, office phone calls are inevitable. If your employees are not on the phone with someone, they are in an online meeting with customers or colleagues. That doesn't have to distract the rest of the team. With a solution that is as flexible as your office space, you can create a silence area without remodelling. What are the options?

Locked call box

With a closed call box, you choose the highest acoustic comfort. The caller is not distracted by others and the rest of the office is not bothered by loud ringing noises. A handy solution for privacy-sensitive calls or long meetings.

The Mute Design Space M is a flexible call box that stands like this. Do you want to rearrange your space? Then move it easily thanks to a built-in system with wheels. You can also make this acoustic cubicle as comfortable as you want. Add a wireless charger, USB input or monitor arm, for example.

Open call box

Not quite enclosed bubbles, but a bit more privacy? These open bubble cell of BuzziBooth ensures peace and quiet without losing the open atmosphere of your office. With a standing desk or standard desk, it is not only a call box, but also a fine workstation for moments when extra concentration is welcome.

Call cover with workstation

With a half-open call box like this one, you choose a temporary workspace for short phone calls or online meetings. This call box muffles noise and also has a handy workstation where employees can work standing up. This way, you directly encourage them to alternate sitting and standing work.


No big acoustic call box in the office, but more quiet in the tent? With a phonebooth call box on the wall, you experience at least as much sound absorption as with a half-open call box. A simple solution that comes in handy for short phone calls. The acoustically dampening fabric can be matched to any interior or even your corporate style.

More peace and quiet in your office?

With a free sound measurement find out exactly which acoustic solution will make your office a nicer place to work. Schedule one or check out our offer right away call cells for the office.