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Tegels Flux Plain

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  • Customised product
  • Customised product
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Tiles Flux Plain comes in a set of 9 modular tiles. Mix and match with ReFelt's other tiles for a unique design. Size: 34.4 x 48.7 cm

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Ultimate creative freedom and acoustic improvement
With ReFelt's Flux Plain tiles, you can create your own work of art on the wall or ceiling. As they are seamless and endlessly tileable, you decide the style that is applied. The tile is made of sustainable PetFelt, which is made from finely ground plastic bottles. Perfect for office, waiting rooms, universities or home office, for example. The PetFelt is UV-resistant, long-lasting, easy to maintain and also recyclable. Combine the Flux Plain tiles with the Flux Lines for subtle changes in your designs.

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Available per set of 9 tiles, in 28 different colours.

ReFelt is the acoustic subsidiary of The Shape, another brand in our range. All products are produced and assembled in the Netherlands. ReFelt's wide range is very versatile. For instance, there are the modular tiles, which are suitable for a home office as well as for large office spaces. They can also complement living room interiors. Mix and match and improve acoustics too!

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34.4 x 48.7 cm (9 pieces)

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