Acoustics Label is your gateway to acoustic solutions from many suppliers. Since most acoustic solutions can be personalised, we do not stock products ourselves, but ensure that they are manufactured directly from the manufacturer. Ultimately, of course, the aim is for the products to actually reach you, and that obviously includes shipping costs. Because we have the products delivered to you directly from the manufacturer, we also have to deal with different shipping costs.

Every order starts on 'post-calculation'

As soon as you place an order in your shopping cart, you will see that the delivery costs are always 'post-calculated'. This means that we will contact you after completing your order to discuss the actual delivery costs. In some cases, these costs are based on the total weight or number of items. Would you prefer an indication of the delivery costs in advance? Then contact contact with us or make a quotation request for the relevant product.

Brands with fixed shipping costs

Some brands in our range use a fixed fee when it comes to delivery:

  • Baux: €251
  • Buzzispace: €75
  • The Shape: €65
  • Refelt: €30
  • Feltr: €29
  • ANDlight: up to €700 = €95, everything above is free
  • Johanson: up to €2000 = €95, everything above is free

Do you have questions about the calculation of shipping costs or are you curious about what this means for your specific order? Please contact contact with us and we will be happy to help you.