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Do you have sound insulation problems or nuisance from neighbours? With the sound insulation measurement, you determine the exact sound insulation value between walls, doors and floors.


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Vibration measurement
If you suffer from vibrations in a building or a room, we can detect the source of these vibrations with vibration measurements. If required, the vibration of a specific machine can also be measured.

With vibration measurement, the acceleration rate and displacement are precisely recorded. In addition, it is possible to receive an FFT analysis

When purchasing a vibration measurement, our expert will visit you to perform the measurement. We make an appointment for this by telephone or e-mail. You can indicate which dates suit you best via the quotation request. Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensible report on this acoustic survey.

To carry out the measurement, we have calibrated equipment that complies with current Class 1 standards.


This measurement can be used to measure machine vibration and determine vibrations in buildings.

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