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Do you have sound insulation problems or nuisance from neighbours? With the sound insulation measurement, you determine the exact sound insulation value between walls, doors and floors.


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Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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When purchasing a Noise Measurement NEN-5077, our expert will visit you to carry out the measurement. We make an appointment for this by telephone or e-mail. You can indicate which dates suit you best via the quotation request. Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensible report on this acoustic survey.

With the sound insulation measurement, you establish the exact sound insulation value between walls, doors and floors. This is crucial to prove that a building complies with the latest Building Decree, which stipulates that the sound insulation between the living areas of two dwellings must be at least 52 decibels according to NEN 5077.

To carry out the measurement, we have calibrated equipment that complies with current Class 1 standards.

NEN 5077
Because a sound insulation measurement also accurately captures impact sound, it is a very reliable predictor of the level of noise pollution. The measurement takes into account all set requirements regarding safety and the Building Regulations.

For an extraction licence:
Do you want to withdraw a private house from the housing stock to rent out the space? We measure the degree of impact sound and airborne sound insulation in accordance with NEN 5077 to clarify whether you meet the council's requirements


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