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Bureauscherm Deskify Topdesk

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  • Customised product
  • Perfect for home offices
  • Easy to set up

Transform any meeting or kitchen table into a 'private office' with pleasant acoustics thanks to Viltr's Deskify Topdesk. Choose the size that fits your desk.

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Quickly set up a 'private office'? With Deskify Topdesk a piece of cake!

The Deskify Topdesk is the easiest way to quickly set up an acoustically pleasant workplace. Thanks to the recycled and sound-absorbing PetFelt, you can easily build your own oasis of calm. No tools are required to assemble the Deskify Topdesk, making it an easy and flexible acoustic solution.

These are your options

Each Deskify Topdesk is available in various colours;

  • Dark green with lime green connection
  • Green with yellow compound
  • Grey with orange compound
  • Blue with orange connection

The height of the Deskify TopDesk is always 55cm with a depth of 60cm. The width you choose depends on the size of your desk or dining table. There are five options: 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm or 200cm.

Viltr is a Dutch organisation that wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. They are specialists in PetFelt and have the largest collection of these products in Europe. Their desk screens and partitions are particularly interesting for acoustic improvement. Customisation is always possible, but often standard solutions are already a huge improvement.

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