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PetFelt Paneel 9 mm

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Design your own designs with these simple acoustic PetFelt panels from Viltr. Available in 28 colours or your own interpretation.

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The best solution for your ears with PetFelt panels by Viltr
With a choice of 28 colours, there is always an option to match your interior. These panels are perfect for use as wall coverings and can even be supplied in any colour, logo or pattern. As they have their own production facilities, they are flexible in their designs and deliverables.

Improve acoustics your way
The acoustic panels can be fixed directly to the wall, but we recommend placing them slightly away from the wall for maximum acoustic effect. This can be done using a framework of wooden slats. You can leave the space between the wall and the panels empty, but for best results choose Rockwool or PET wool. Or opt for a sustainable solution made of hemp or sheep's wool.

These are your options
PetFelt 9 mm thick is available in 28 colours. These PetFelt panels are supplied in a gross panel size of 2440mm x 1220mm. These are not 100% squared and please allow for a size deviation of up to 2%. For angled panels without deviation or a specific size, choose to request a quotation. This way, they can be fully customised to your preferences. It is also possible to bring in your own design, Viltr will then ensure it is custom-made. You can also do this via a request for quotation.

Viltr is the Dutch specialist in PetFelt. From unique designs to their own production facility, at Viltr, sustainability and individuality come first. It is also possible to supply your own designs so that you can design your PetFelt product entirely according to your own taste.

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2440 x 1220 x 9 mm

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