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Tegel Hexagon

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The Hexagon tile shows how a honeycomb always fits a space. Choose different colours for a playful effect or keep it uniform. Mini - 22 x 19 cm /S- 29 x 22 cm / L - 58 x 50 cm.

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Honeycomb is always in fashion

Baux's Hexagon tile makes it easy to playfully improve the acoustics in a room. By covering a wall with the different colours of tiles - or the same colour for unity - you quickly achieve an interesting effect. The hexagonal shape gives a playful effect, but also offers the possibility of not covering the whole wall. This makes the Hexagon tile a fun option for any room.

These are your options
The Hexagon tile is available in three different sizes and in 20 different colours. There are endless patterns to create, also in combination with other tiles or the larger panels. For inspiration or if you can't figure it out yourself: Baux even has a large pattern library online.

Baux acoustic wood tiles are unique because it is made of 100% recyclable wood wool cement. The panels' emissions are very low. This makes Baux suitable for most environments. It is also no problem to clean the panels with a hoover. The material can withstand this very well. With an expected lifespan of about 50 years, you are assured of an acoustically comfortable future.

BAUX products
The ideal thing about Baux's products is that, unlike other acoustic products, they are also suitable for installation in rooms that are more humid, such as bathrooms or open kitchens in the hospitality industry. The acoustic wood tiles and panels have a certain PH value that prevents mould from settling in the material, in addition, this will prevent the wood from rotting. The material is waterproof and equalises humidity by absorbing but also repelling moisture from the air. The result is a positive impact on the indoor climate. Wood tiles also have a thermal function. They can also be used to save on energy bills. This is because the wood wool stores heat from the environment and emits it the moment the temperature drops. Of course, the material is also fire-resistant.

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