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6 acoustic leaves as a playful wall design by Glimakra, made with PET felt. To be combined in three different shapes of leaves, in three different colours. The hooks are available in solid ash wood and black bio plastic.

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Bring the jungle into your home and enjoy the silence

Glimakra's Jungle Wall is a playful way to improve the acoustics in a room. You can choose between three different types of leaves, namely banana leaf, fern and the popular monstera with its holes in the leaves. Again, you can choose each of the three designs in three colours of green, so you can easily put together a motley crew. Moreover, you also have additional options in terms of hanging, so you can vary that too. This way, you bring the jungle into your space in a natural way.

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The wall panel Jungle Wall is available in three designs of leaves and each in three colours. You can also choose from five other hanging methods. The standard suspension is a solid ash hook. The wall panels are sold per six pieces.


Swedish brand Glimakra comes from the small village of the same name in the south of the country. They take a lot of inspiration from nature and like to use the distinctive Scandinavian minimalist style for their acoustic products. They have won several design awards and their products are also among the top acoustic enhancers. They also adhere to five of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to produce the products in the most sustainable way possible.

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Choose your shape

6 pieces Banana leaf, 6 pieces Monstera, 6 pieces Royal Fern

Choose your colour

446 - Light Green, 447 - Mid Green, 448 - Dark Green


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