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Wandpaneel Facett

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Facet works not only as sound absorption but thanks to its many angles . Size: 60 x 60 x 11 cm

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Product description
Wall panel Facett not only acts as sound absorption but the angles in this design also create sound diffusion. The advantage is that it spreads the energy of sound more evenly throughout the room. The more even the sound, the more comfortable for your ears. Wall panel Facett from Johanson Design is a modular product. Depending on the size of the wall and the acoustic challenge, you choose one or more panels. Create combinations and geometric patterns with the three-dimensional shape and fabrics.

Ecophon & sustainability
The sound-absorbing material, which provides the acoustic effect, is Ecophon. It is composed of at least 70% recycled glass wool and the final product is even 100% recyclable. The Ecophon company is committed to full transparency and is making a positive contribution to transforming so-called "greenwashing" into meaningful sustainability. On sustainability, Ecophon thus easily scores three stars.

These are your options
Wall panels from Johanson Design are available in a huge range of fabrics. View our brochure for more information or click on one of the fabric categories below. Would you like to receive a sample or make an enquiry directly? Then choose request a quote.

Available in the following upholsteries

Dust category PG0
Carmira Cara
Carmira Carlow
Gabriel Event Screen
Gabriel Hush

Substance category PG1
Gabriel Event Soul
Gabriel Soul Melange
Gabriel Xpress
Gabriel Twist
Gabriel Twist Melange

Acoustic solutions from the Decibel Collection by Johanson Design
Scandinavian design studio Johanson takes acoustic improvement to the next level with its Decibel line. Minimalist design, clean lines and well thought-out solutions. Acoustics solutions that can be seen and also blend in well with today's interiors

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60 x 60 x 11 cm


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