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Akoestisch Paneel Basotect 70mm

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Use Basotect Melamine Foam 70mm for an optimal combination of acoustic enhancement and styling.

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Basotect Melamine foam is stylish and acoustically enhanced
Acoustics Label offers the Basotect Melamine foam in three different thicknesses: 50mm, 70mm and the extra thick 100mm. This variant is a perfect middle ground as it also absorbs bass and takes up less space compared to the 100mm variant.

Easy mounting
Basotect Melamine Foam 70mm is an easy product to work with when cut to the right size beforehand. It is best to place the panels in a regular rhythm for the most calm image. Mark out on the walls or ceilings where the panels should go and with a little bit of acoustic adhesive place them in place.

These are your options
Basotect melamine foam panels can be supplied in very many sizes. Via the request for quotation, all sizes are possible between 250 x 125 cm. Other shapes are also possible on request. Think circles, hexagons but also letters, logos and even maps. Is 70 mm too thick or just too thin? We have more thicknesses for you. Do not forget the special acoustic mounting adhesive to be ordered with it.

Acoustics Label
Akoestiek Label is onze specialist in geluidsmetingen. Aan de hand van je geluidsopname kunnen de akoestische specialisten een advies uitbrengen. Ben je juist op zoek naar een akoestisch rapport voor een vergunning? Ook daar zorgt Akoestiek Label voor.

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Absorption value


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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 60 × 5 × 60 cm

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