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This special acoustic mounting adhesive from Post Acoustics is designed to glue acoustic solutions to various types of substrates. Canister (500 gr) or bucket (3.5 kg)

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Place your own acoustic solutions
Post Acoustics' special acoustic mounting adhesive is suitable for bonding acoustic foam materials, such as basotect melamine foam but also tiles from BAUX and ReFelt, for example. The adhesive can be used on substrates of concrete, wood, stone, plaster, masonry, plastic and textile. It is immediately usable, has no strong odour and contains solvents. The acoustic mounting adhesive is ideal for fixing your acoustic solutions yourself.

Use a glue comb to apply the glue to the back of the tile or foam. ReFelt's thin tiles need a little less glue, as excess will cause the tile to bulge. 
The heavier BAUX tiles, on the other hand, require slightly more acoustic mounting adhesive. Make sure the adhesive is applied evenly. It is not necessary to cover the entire back, but rather on the points and centre of the material.

Now gently press the tiles against the wall at the marked location first. Is the tile straight and in the right place? Then press it firmly again. Done!

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15 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius




approx. 0.5 kg/m2

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