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Wandpaneel Rietveld

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The Rietveld wall panel has a playful, cubist look that can be expected of a Rietveld. View all colours! Size: 260 x 96.5 x 12 cm.

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A real Rietveld in your home is now an acoustic solution
The Rietveld wall panel is inspired by the work of architect Gerrit Rietveld, one of the founders of De Stijl, a Dutch art movement of the 1920s that laid the foundations of today's modern architecture. Our version of the Rietveld is a large-scale acoustic wall installation, particularly suitable for hospitality, office and home. The design flocked from Basotect is a configuration of four rectangular overlapping elements, but other combinations are also possible. Let your creativity run wild! Multiple models can be placed side by side coupled with the optional connecting panel, which also optimises longer surfaces acoustically.

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The Rietveld wall panel is available in 12 different colours. View the colour chart here 

Finishing flock technique

Flocking starts with the electrostatic application of coloured fibres via an adhesive layer. By using an electrostatic field in the process, charged fibres shoot up and down between plus and minus at high speed. In this way, the pre-applied adhesive layer ensures permanent adhesion of the fibres.
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