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Hanglamp SLAB 210

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Pendant lamp SLAB 210 by ANDlight is beautiful to look at and has an excellent acoustic function. Size 35 x 210 cm.

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Visually appealing and acoustically enhancing: the golden combination
Pendant lamp SLAB 210 is an aesthetically pleasing acoustic lamp that attaches to the ceiling. It is covered with felt made of 100% merino wool, which dampens ambient noise. This pendant lamp SLAB 210 has the largest acoustic surface area of all the lamps in this series and therefore can be used well in different rooms such as the kitchen, the living room, but also in hospitality areas or in office environments. The wafer-thin SLAB 210 is part of ANDlight's acoustic lamp series SLAB.

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The SLAB 210 is available in six different colours. The light cord is 243 cm. The LED lighting can be ordered in four colour temperatures of light. The panel is bright when the lights are off. 

About ANDLight's SLAB series

ANDlight is known as a manufacturer of minimalist lighting where they pay great attention to aesthetics. They often use simple shapes and lines, which actually enhance the natural effect. The SLAB series is characterised by the acoustic function of the lighting, but the focus remains on the design.

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35 x 210 cm

Colour of light

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K


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