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Hanglamp Wave

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Akomo's acoustic pendant lamp Wave transforms any space into a pleasantly lit room while improving acoustics. Size: 125 x 16.2 x 17 cm

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The ideal eye-catcher over a table

Akomo's pendant lamp Wave is a real eye-catcher. With its unique design, the lamp looks stylish and unique, while giving the room a fine illumination. With the pendant lamp, you have a choice of two shapes and 12 colours, so there is always an option available for you.

Flock technique
All products feature colour applied by flocking technique. Flock are small fibres of colour applied to an adhesive layer. This technique is similar to heat retention in an animal's fur. The fibres are straight on the adhesive layer and catch extra sound in the intervening space. By choosing a coloured panel or lighting element, you automatically also choose to improve sound absorption.

These are your options
Wave 1 is shaped like a barcode and Wave 2 has a wavy shape. Both are available in 12 different colours, optionally equipped with lighting. This lighting comes in two variants, where the lighting is directed both upwards and downwards or only downwards.

Wave 1: Barcode shape
Wave 2: Wavy shape

Acoustic solutions from Akomo
Belgian company Akomo is an all-rounder when it comes to acoustic improvements. The brand specialises in acoustic lighting, but also has brilliant acoustic design products. Curious about the rest of its range? View all acoustic solutions from Akomo in the Acoustics Label webshop!

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length 125 x width 16.2 x height 17 cm

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