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Tegels Leaf Veins

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The Leaf Veins tiles come in a set of 11 acoustic tiles. Combine other tiles and colours for a surprising compilation. Size 26.3 x 49.5 cm

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Bring the jungle indoors and discover improved acoustics
The Leaf Veins is a leaf-shaped tile by ReFelt with lines like the veins of real leaves. With this acoustic tile, you can quickly and easily transform a wall or ceiling into a rich foliage. Combine the Leaf Veins with the Leaf Plain and use different colours for a beautiful organic result. Ideal for sound optimisation for (home) office, open workspaces or bedroom! The tile is made of recycled PetFelt, soft but sturdy felt which is made from plastic bottles. It is UV-resistant, long-lasting and can be recycled again. It is also easy to maintain.

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The Leaf Veins are available per set of 11, in 28 different colours.

ReFelt is the acoustic subsidiary of The Shape, another brand in our range. All products are produced and assembled in the Netherlands. ReFelt's wide range is very versatile. For instance, there are the modular tiles, which are suitable for a home office as well as for large office spaces. They can also complement living room interiors. Mix and match and improve acoustics too!

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26.3 x 49.6 cm (11 pieces)

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