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Wandpaneel Mute Fraction

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Improve acoustics more than a Fraction with De Vorm's Mute line. Particularly suitable for many types of acoustic challenges. Size 239 x 79 cm

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Improve acoustics more than a Fraction
De Vorm's acoustic wall panel Mute Fraction improves acoustics in any space. The wall panel can be attached both horizontally and vertically, making it easy to adapt to the room. The design with the height difference gives the panel a playful effect, making multiple panels in a room pleasing to the eye as well. The acoustic panels can be fixed directly to the wall, but we recommend placing them slightly away from the wall for maximum acoustic effect. You can fill the space with Rockwool or PET wool for best results.

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Supplied in dark grey or light grey as standard or in one of the other colours of petfelt at an extra charge.

The Shape
The philosophy of the De Vorm brand is clear. Products are produced as sustainably as possible, innovation is paramount and a product's function is more important than its design. Who doesn't have ears for that? The range of De Vorm therefore shines in simplicity. Handy, because that way the products fit in every space.

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239 x 79 cm

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