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Scheidingswand AK 3+4

de Vorm
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Partition wall AK 3+4 can be delivered standing or hanging, depending on your acoustic requirements.

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Flexible acoustic enhancement in a simple design
De Vorm's AK3 and AK4 partitions are characterised by their simple design and flexibility. They can easily be moved within a room to improve acoustics where it is needed most. Want a more permanent solution? Partition wall AK 3+4 can also be fixed to the ceiling for a permanent room divider. Partition wall AK 3 is 160cm high and AK 4 is 180cm high and both are 63cm wide.

These are your options
Partition wall AK 3+4 comes standard in 11 PetFelt colours. Choose legs if you want to move the partition from time to time or go for the suspension system to let the AK 3+4 partition subtly float in the room. The legs of the standing version can also be ordered in a RAL colour of your choice via the quotation request.

The Shape
The philosophy of the De Vorm brand is clear: products are produced as sustainably as possible, innovation is paramount and a product's function is more important than its design. Who doesn't have ears for that? De Vorm's range therefore shines in simplicity. Handy, because that way the products fit in every space.

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AK 3 - 160 x 63 cm
AK 4 - 180 x 63 cm

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