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BuzziLight Mono

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The acoustic pendant lamp BuzziLight Mono is clearly derived from a lantern. Its convex shape with cut-out strips gives any room a fairytale atmosphere.

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An atmospheric pendant lamp with the look of a lantern

This lightweight sound-absorbing lamp is one with a character of its own. It is an acoustic, decorative pendant lamp made from a single layer of BuzziFelt. The BuzziLight Mono was the first acoustic lighting solution launched by BuzziSpace in 2008. The lamp immediately communicated BuzziSpace's mission, balancing the need for diffused light, fun and acoustics. The strong vertical lines are CNC-cut and available in a range of bright BuzziFelt colours.

As light peeks through the patterns, dramatic shadows extend to the walls. Despite its lightweight design, the felt body has a large surface area that traps sound waves in its round body with a cylindrical design. The round shape in turn reduces sound from all sides. Combine different suspension heights to prevent sound travelling in large rooms with high ceilings.

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The BuzziLight Mono is available in 12 different colours. You also have choices in the pitch, colour and length of the cable and the option of LED lighting.

BuzziSpace acoustic enhancer
Belgian company BuzziSpace aims to improve business environments with smart and inspiring acoustic products. Why choose a boring solution when you can also improve acoustics with a planter or playful pendant lamp? Lighting and partitions in exciting shapes and colours give spaces a cheerful, creative touch that make a difference in business environments.


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Anthracite, Eco Brown, Off white, Jeans, Curry, Light blue, Lime, Mocha, Orange, Red, Pink, Stone grey

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