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Lumifelt One

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Lumifelt One provides warm lighting, improves acoustics and is available in 26 different colours. Mix and match for optimal results! Size 35 x 50 cm

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Small, but therefore easy to combine

The Lumifelt One from Bruut'd is a fine, small lamp that improves the acoustics in a room. The lamp has good qualities on its own, but especially when combined with Bruut'd's other lamps or other acoustic products, the lighting is really going to make a difference. The lamp is available is 28 different colours, so there is always an option! The Lumifelt One consists mainly of PET felt, a material produced from PET bottles from the world's oceans. This makes it an eco-friendly product. With its pleasant light colour and the appearance of the light, this pendant lamp is great for giving a room an atmospheric and warm feeling. If you combine this acoustic lamp with the other lamps, you give a room a playful look that is coordinated though.

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Length of light cord: 200 cm. There is a choice of 28 different colours of felt, allowing the appearance of the lamp to be adapted to the house style or environment.

Bruut'd shines a whole new light on acoustic solutions. The brand takes a sustainable approach with lighting made from used PET bottles. Moreover, the lamps are produced locally, contributing to a smaller ecological footprint this way too. This makes Bruut'd's lamps a sleek, atmospheric solution for a home, office, restaurant or hotel. With 28 different colours, there is a match for every space.

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