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Hanglamp Rice Field 90

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The acoustic pendant lamp Rice Field 90 by Foamo is a compact lamp with great effect. Especially when combined with other Rice Field lamps! Size: 95 × 90 × 37.5 cm.


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Combine Rice Field lamps in a room for unity and playfulness
The Rice Field 90 is the ideal solution for anyone looking to create a sense of calm and comfort in small to medium-sized spaces. As the name suggests, the asymmetrical shape of the lamp is inspired by Asian rice fields. In larger spaces, a unique atmosphere can be created via a combination of several Rice Field lamps. The handmade luminaire is made of the highest sound-absorbing material basotect melamine foam and provides the assurance of maximum silence.

These are your options
As standard, the lamp is made of white basotect melamine foam but can be supplied in various colours. This allows you to perfectly match the look of the lamp to your space. The cord is standard light grey and 200 cm long. Would you prefer a different colour or a longer cord? Let us know by requesting a quote.

Flock technique
The lamps in Foamo's collection are given a colour by flocking technique. Flock are small fibres of colour applied to an adhesive layer. This technique is similar to retaining heat in an animal's fur. They stand straight on the adhesive layer and catch extra sound in the intervening space. By choosing a coloured lamp, you are also choosing to improve sound absorption.

And there is another advantage: Rice Field fitted with flocking technology makes your investment more durable by providing better protection against damage, such as scratches and dents. An investment in flocking technology therefore increases the lifespan of your investment. This is not only financially attractive; it is also better for the planet!

The Foamo collection
Foamo has an extensive collection of acoustic lamps. There is a lamp for every room and interior style. The unique combinations of volume, shape and mass improve speech intelligibility and give a particularly sheltered feeling. The Rice Field 90 is the smallest model in the Rice Field series, consisting of four lamps in different sizes.



Acoustics Label B Label
Absorption value


Acoustic Surface




Price-quality ratio



95 × 90 × 37.5 cm

Energy efficiency class


Burning hours

25,000 burning hours (148 weeks)


Basotect melamine foam

Acoustic surface

2 m2



Noise report

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