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This compact call box from Mute Design is the perfect solution for peace and privacy in an open-plan office. Customise where possible and enjoy silence.


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Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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Peace in the bustle with Mute Design's Space S conference room
Need to make a quick call in peace? Or would you like to retreat from the turmoil of today's open-plan offices? Space S is a compact call box or workspace for one person. A fine room-in-room solution for an open-plan office. In a very short time, the cubicle is assembled and ready for use. It has a built-in system that allows the wheels to be lowered to lift and move the cubicle. Thus, this one-person workspace suddenly becomes a flexible workspace that can be driven to where it is needed.

These are your options
You can make this concentration workplace as luxurious as you like. Various extras are available to make working in this conference room even more comfortable. All options at a glance:

Mute Design Space S has standard:

  • LED lighting
  • Air circulation
  • Plateau for your stuff
  • Motion sensor
  • Power supply

You can upgrade Mute Design Space S with:

  • Matching upholstered stool
  • USB connector
  • Wireless phone charger
  • LAN connection

Curious about all the options? Take a look at the datasheet or contact us for personalised advice.

Acoustic solutions from Mute Design
With the slogan 'The art of silence', Polish brand Mute Design turns their acoustic solutions into true works of art. Thanks to minimalist and trendy designs, the solutions are a beautiful and practical addition to an office, waiting room or lounge. Acoustics and design go hand in hand and that is obvious.




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Width: external 100 cm/ internal 88.7 cm

Depth: externally 100 cm/ internally 80.5 cm

Height: external 224.7 cm / internal 208 cm

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