Why acoustics as a service?

You have no time, no budget, no idea where to start. With Acoustics as a Service, our acoustic specialists help you from the first call to installation. For a fixed monthly fee, you are assured of acoustic solutions to suit your situation. Does the need change? Then we will change with you!

  • No major investment required
  • Total solution for your acoustic problems
  • A fixed monthly amount
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Sustainable business

With Acoustics As Service, you don't opt for a one-off expense, but step into a circular service where products are continuously reused. Do you no longer need something? Then the product will be reused in another room after an extensive check. A nice thought!

Investing smartly with service

Turn capital expenditure into operational expenditure. With Acoustics As Service, you pay for the acoustics thanks to a lease construction, not for the products themselves. So you are always flexible.

Convenient all-in-one solution

With Acoustics As Service, you make comfort your priority. With a monthly service, you shape your sound standard. You no longer have to do anything for that yourself. We take care of the design, installation and adjustments if conditions change.

Good acoustics at your fingertips

Rest is accessible to everyone. Even if you are in a start-up phase or don't have room for a big investment. Instead of a hefty expense, acoustics become a permanent part of your monthly picture.

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Acoustics improvement for Offices

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Acoustic enhancement for the hospitality industry

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Acoustic Enhancement for Dwellings

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Acoustic enhancement for Public Spaces

This is the journey we
have travelled so far

The first sounds of Akoestiek Label sounded in 1985. Acoustician Michiel Post ensured an optimal acoustic experience at Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam. His work as a passionate sound engineer had an impact. In a short time, he started working for many different music studios at home and abroad.

In the years that followed, the company grew. Technology improved, designs became more beautiful and more and more buildings began to appreciate the importance of good acoustics. This widened the scope to include companies, households, libraries and catering establishments.

The focus remained and remains the same. We make acoustics accessible with innovative, stylish solutions that can be seen.

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